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As a hotel owner, you know that the appearance of a room can make a significant impact on customer satisfaction. Even something as small as the placement of hairdryers can affect the overall appearance of a room.

When it comes to hairdryers, it’s important to have them easily accessible for guests to use, while also keeping them neat and tidy. Here are some tips on how to arrange hotel hairdryers in rooms for a clean and tidy appearance.

Provide Proper Storage

One of the easiest ways to keep hairdryers organized and tidy is to provide proper storage. An excellent solution is to install a drawer specifically designed to hold hairdryers and other hair styling tools like curling irons and straighteners. This ensures that guests can quickly and easily find the hairdryer, and it keeps the bathroom counter clear of clutter.

If installing a drawer isn’t an option, consider installing hooks or racks where guests can hang hairdryers. Make sure to place these hooks or racks in a location that is convenient for guests to access, such as near the bathroom mirror.

Choose Wall-Mounted Hairdryers

If you don’t have the space for a drawer, another excellent option is to install wall-mounted hairdryers. These hairdryers can be mounted on the wall beside the bathroom mirror, keeping the bathroom counter free from clutter.

Wall-mounted hairdryers are an excellent choice for hotels with smaller bathroom spaces. Not only do they keep the bathroom counter tidy, but they also free up counter space for guests to place their personal belongings.

Use Hairdryer Holders

Another great way to keep hairdryers organized and tidy is by using hairdryer holders. A hairdryer holder is a device that attaches to the wall or inside a drawer, keeping the hairdryer in place and preventing it from moving around.

Hairdryer holders can come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s essential to choose one that fits the hairdryer you’re using. Some holders come with additional compartments to hold other hair styling tools and accessories, making them even more functional.

Train Housekeeping Staff

To maintain a clean and tidy appearance for hotel hairdryers, it’s essential to train the hotel housekeeping staff. Housekeeping staff should be familiar with where hairdryers are located in each room so they can clean around them efficiently.

Housekeeping staff should also be familiar with the proper care and maintenance of hairdryers. This includes wiping them down after each use and checking them for any damages. Regular maintenance of hairdryers ensures they remain in good condition and ready for the next guest to use.

Label Hairdryers

Labeling hairdryers can help guests identify which hairdryer is theirs and prevent confusion. You can use labels that match the room number or color-coding to indicate room type.

It’s also essential to label hairdryers that require specific settings or have other unique features. This ensures guests can use the hairdryer properly and eliminates the need for them to search for instructions.


Maintaining a clean and tidy appearance for hotel hairdryers is essential to ensure guest satisfaction. By providing proper storage, choosing wall-mounted hairdryers, using hairdryer holders, training housekeeping staff, and labeling hairdryers, you can keep your hotel hairdryers organized and tidy.

Not only will guests appreciate the effort you’re making to keep the bathroom counter tidy, but it will also prevent unsightly clutter and make it easier for guests to find what they need. Remember, small details like proper hairdryer placement can make a big impact on the overall appearance of a hotel room.


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